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1. Acceptance of the Terms of Use and any amendments

When you access or allow access to this website and you accept to be bound by these Terms of Use and any amendments made periodically without or with notification to you. Additionally, if you use a specific service offered on this website or through this website, you are bound by any rules or guidelines that are applicable to the particular service and will be included in these Terms of Use. You should read the privacy policies, and they are contained in these Terms of Use as a reference.

2. The site editor's services

This website and the services you receive on and through this site are offered on an "AS is" basis. You acknowledge that the site editor is entitled to alter or cease the provision of this website as well as its services, and to erase any data that you submit, either indefinitely or temporarily at any time with or without notice, and without any obligation to you. The editor of the site cannot be held accountable or liable for any delays or removal of information, inability to keep information in storage, incorrectness of information, or incorrect distribution of information.

3. Your registration obligations and responsibilities

To access this website or any portions of it, you might be required to sign up to become a member of this site. In this instance, you are required to provide accurate information whenever asked, and in the event that minimum age is required to qualify for a user, account is your responsibility to ensure that you're at the minimum age. When you sign up for an account as a user you expressly agree to the Terms of Use, which include any changes approved by the site editor which are posted in this.

4. Privacy policy

Personally specific information the website could collect is subject to the conditions of the editor's Privacy policy.

5. Password and registration

You are accountable for keeping your password's security and are responsible for any use you make of your account and/or username, whether authorized or not by you. You agree to inform the editor of the website of any misuse of your username, user account, or password.

6. Your behavior

You agree to be bound by any data or information that is of any kind, irrespective of software, text music or sound pictures or graphics, video, or any other type of material ("Content") which are that are made available to the public or privately and privately, is only the responsibility of the individual who is providing the content or of the person for whom the account on the site is used. You acknowledge that this website could expose you to material that may be offensive or offensive. The editor of this site will not be liable in any manner for the content that is displayed on this site and will not be held responsible for any omission or error. By accessing this site or any of the services offered you expressly agree that:

  1. a. you will not make any information available or behave in any manner that could be considered as illegal, unlawful, injurious; threatening, and harassing. tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, libelous, or obscene offensive, objectionable or pornographic, designed to interfere with or hinder the operation of this website or any service offered that is infected with viruses or another destructive or harmful software routine that could lead to criminal or civil liability as well as in contravention of applicable local, national, or international law.
  2. b. you are not attempting to make false representations or impersonations of your relationship with any other person or organization and you will not falsify or seek to conceal or falsify the source of any information provided by you.
  3. c. you do not gather or collect any information regarding others who use the site;
  4. d. You will not provide and are not using this website to offer any kind of service or content in any way that is commercial in nature or in any way which could result in spam, junk mail chains or pyramid schemes, or any other kind of unauthorized marketing or commerce. You are not using this website to advertise or run any content or service without prior written consent.
  5. e. you are not providing any content which could lead to the editor of the site being held criminally or civilly responsible, or which could be considered to be a violation of any national, local or international legislation, which includes and is not limited to laws that deal with trademarks, copyrights, and patents as well as trade secrets.

7. Content submitted to this website

When you submit any information or content to this website:

  1. a. you agree to grant the editor of this site a worldwide royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive license and right (including moral rights and other rights necessary.) to display, utilize and reproduce and modify and adapt and publish as well as perform, distribute, promote and archive as well as translate and create compilations and derivative works either in whole or in part. This license is valid in relation to any form of media, technology, or media in use in the moment of its provision or developed later;
  2. b. you warrant and warrant that you possess all moral, legal, or other rights, which might be required to grant to the editor of the site the rights that are provided in section 7 above;
  3. c. you acknowledge and acknowledge that the editor of the site is entitled (but not the obligation) to refuse, at the editor's complete discretion, to deny permission to publish, or takedown or restrict access to any information you submit at any point at any time and with or without cause without or with prior notice.

8. Third-party services

The products and services from third-party suppliers may be advertised and/or made available via this website. The representations made regarding products and services offered by third parties are subject to their policies, and the representations of third parties. The editor of the site will not in any way be responsible for or accountable for any dealings or interactions with third parties.

9. Indemnification

You accept to indemnify and hold harmless the editor of the website and the site editor's representative and affiliates, subsidiaries associated parties, directors, officers employees, agents, advertisers, independent contractors, and partners of any claims or demands including reasonable legal costs which may be made by any third party in connection with your actions or involvement with this website or service, the provision of content, your breach the Terms and Conditions of Use or any other violation of rights of a third any other.

10. Disclaimer of Warranty

YOU understand and agree that the use you make of THIS Web Site and of ANY CONTENT OR SERVICES PROVIDED (THE "SERVICE") is at your OWN RISK. Services and Content are provided to you "AS is" and the Site Editor DISCLAIMS ANY guarantees of any kind either express or implied including but not limited to the warranties of MERCHANTABILITY specificity of use and NONINFRINGEMENT. The SITE EDITOR MAKES NO warranties, either implied or EXPRESSLY, as to whether any portion of the service will be uninterrupted, error-free, virus-free and secure, timely and accurate, or of any quality NOT WARRANTED EITHER EXPRESSLY OR IMPLICITLY that any content is SAFE in any manner for download. You understand and agree that neither the Site EDITOR nor any other participant in the Service provides any advice or professional guidance of any kind, and that any advice or other information you obtain VIA the Website may be used solely at your own risk and that the SITE EDITOR CAN NOT be held accountable in any way. Certain jurisdictions may not allow the disclaimer of implied warranties, and some of the statements in the above disclaimer might not be applicable to you regarding implied warranties. However, the additional terms and conditions are valid.


You expressly UNDERSTAND and agree that SITE EDITOR IS NOT responsible for any DIRECT OR INDIRECT, SPECIAL or consequential damages, whether incidental, consequential, or EXEMPLARY DAMAGES This includes, however, but is not limited to, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF PROFITS, GOODWILL, DATA OR OTHER INTANGIBLE DAMAGES (EVEN even if the SITE EDITOR IS advised of the possibility of such DAMAGES) and arising out of

  1. I. the use of Services or the inability to make use of the services,
  2. II. THE COST of OBTAINING substitute goods and/or services in connection with any transaction you enter through the Services,
  3. III. UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS to or alteration of your DATA Transmissions
  4. IV. statements made by any third party or the conduct of any third party using services, or
  5. V. any OTHER issue relating to the Services. In certain countries, the law does not permit limited liability. consequently, these limitations may not be applicable to the extent that you are a user of Services.

12. Reservation of rights

The site editor is the sole owner of the rights of the editor on the site which include but are not limited to, any and all copyrights or trademarks patents, trade secrets, and any other exclusive rights that the editor of this site could have over this website as well as it's content and the products and services that might be offered. The usage of the editor's rights. And property is subject to the editor's written permission prior to use. When making these services available to users, the editor of the site will not grant you any implied or explicit licenses or rights. You won't be able to commercially make use of the site or the services provided without the editor's prior written permission.

13. Notification of copyright Infringement of copyright

If you suspect that your property was used in a manner that could constitute an infringement of copyright or infringement of the rights of an intellectual property owner, then the editor of the site's copyright agent can be reached via e-mail. site administrator [Other contact info provided on the site:

14. Applicable law

It is your agreement that the terms of Use and any dispute that arises out of your use of this site, or any products or services offered are governed by and interpreted according to the local laws that apply to the place of residence of the editor of the website regardless of any differences between the applicable law and the laws that are in force at your place of residence. If you register for a user account through this website or by accessing this website and its services